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Mount Pleasant, PA Township High School Class of 1921

Alumni and where they were in 1929.


Norman Duff—Teacher at Whitney.
James Newill—Working at Scottdale Mills.
Effie M. Honse—Hiedelberg University, Tiffin, Ohio.
Andrew Kuly—Radio and Telegraph Institution, Chicago, Ill.
Opal Newill—Mrs. E. Altman.
Mary Cross—Mrs. Frank Baker, Mt. Pleasant, Pa.
Helen Coffman
Jessie Hauger—Greensburg, Pa.
Evelyn Welsh—Home at Calumet.
Franklin Baker—Mt. Pleasant, Pa.
Seward Wigle—Works at Pittsburgh, Pa.
Edna Souerwein—Teacher at New York.
Leona Ritenour—Teacher at Morgantown, West Virginia.
Frank Malia—Beaver Falls.
Thelma Griffin—Teacher at New York.
Reginald Dozier—At school in Chicago, Ill.
Alice M. Rietz—Mrs. Terpack, Sharron, Ohio.
Peter Motsey—Druggist, New York.
Clarence Scott—Beaver Falls.
Mildred Griffith—Mrs. Barclay at Mt. Pleasant, Pa.
Leola Keck—Home at Kecksburg, Pa.
Robert Fry—Married living in Pittsburgh, Pa.
Helen Molchan—Home in Brinkerton.
Stella Riley—Mrs. James Newill, Mt. Pleasant, Pa.
Louise Rolla—Teacher at Mutual.

Alumni Roster from the 1929 Colophon Yearbook of Mount Pleasant Township High School

Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania High School Yearbooks
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