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Haverford, PA Haverford College Class of 1903

Bachelor of Arts—Franklin Elverson Barr, Henry Joel Cadbury, Clarence Raymond Cornman, Harry Anthony Domincovich, James Blathwaite Drinker, Enoch Farson Hoffman, John Emory Hollingsworth, Harvey Macy Hoskins, George Peirce, Arthur John Phillips, Elias Nathan Rabinowitz, Robert Louis Simkin, Israel Sheldon Tilney, Samuel Norman Wilson, Fitz Randolph Winslow and Joseph Ken Worthington.

Bachelor of Science—Edwin Brooke Bateman, Charles Woodward Daris, Otto Eugene Duerr, Carey Vandervort Hodgson, Howard Moffitt Trueblood and Irving White.

Master of Arts—John Gyger {illegible}mbree, Elliott Fi{illegible} and Walter Swain Hinchman.

Class roster extracted from "Haverford '03 Class in Ranks of Alumni. Annual Commencement Exercises Are Held and Seniors Get Degree," in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 13 Jun 1903