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Grandview, TX Public School Class of 1912 Graduation

Grandview Tribune.

The commencement sermon for the Grandview Public School was preached by Rev. W. F. Ledlow of Fort Worth last Sunday morning before an audience that taxed the large auditorium. The discourse was a very strong one and was listened to with close attention and deep interest.

Tuesday night there was a musical and expression recital.

Wednesday evening the class exercises took place. The graduating class, composed of:

T. J. Harrell, Ocie Akers, Homer Hutchens, Htt [sic] Crouch and Misses Mary Alice Gebbard, Lillie Richardson, Ozella Pierson, Brudette Smyth, Ruth Harrell, Mazie Petty and Rachel Shelton, acquitted themselves most creditably, both as a body and as individuals.

Cleburne Morning Review, Cleburne, TX 31 May 1912