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Greenville, TX High School Class of 1924

Charles Ayres
Lucian Burch
Raymond Dale
Haskell Glover
Joe Hardin
Alfred Horton, Jr.
E. L. Erwin
Billie Merrick
Thornton Miller
Leo Norton
Wendell Oneal
Lawler Reeves
James Sartain
Tom Starnes
J. M. Stuart
Henry Tooley
Joe Van Cleave
Theron Wilbanks
J. Q. Adams
Sykes Burnett
Becton Bush
Dan Dansby
Jack Germany
William Hays
Luren Henson
Henry Herndon
Opal Beene
Edith Bowman
Nell Brooks
Ozell Hart
Madelyne Howell
Emma Joe McBride
Ona Maddox
Willie West
Maurine White
Mabel Brown
Catherine Clayton
Laura Cobb
Kathleen Hopewell
Anna Dale Howse
Ida Mae Jordan
Genevieve Linnehan
Ethel Martin
Mattie Lee Peerson
Irma Rutherford
Madge Wilkins
Beatrice Wilson
Ouida Yarbrough
Lamar Thompson
Herman Winans
Numa Ablowich
Irvin Ward

Class roster extracted from "Commencement at Greenville," in the Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 8 Jun 1924