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McKinney, TX School Teachers 1906-07

Teachers for McKinney Schools.

Special To The News.

McKinney, Tex., June 3.—Teachers for the city public schools for next year were elected last night as follows:

J.H. Hill, superintendent, re-elected; Z. A. C. Harris, principal North Ward School, re-elected.

Grade teachers: Mrs. W. T. Beverly, Misses Nettie Erwin, Hallie Kitchin, Mattie Houston, Rebecca Abernathy, Allie V. Rodgers, Mary Milligan, Mae Greet, Estelle Lansdale, Lillie Daughetee, Fannie Gough, Bessie Cloyd and Elizabeth Doggett.

The election of principals for the Central and South Ward Schools was deferred.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 7 Jun 1906