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Bakersfield, VT Brigham Academy Class of 1900

The members of the graduating class are:

Anna Lucy Barnes
Flora Estella Barnes
Ella Lavena Blodah
Eliza Vienna Coburn
Lela Maude Cowan
Gordan Clark Gates
Arah Maude Hadley
Will Paige Howrigan
George Murray Leach
Elizabeth May McNaney
Florence Elizabeth Perley
Mary Thurston Parker
Leon Marsh Phelps
William Chester Robie
Michael John Clancy
Sarah Jeanetta Rublee
Reuben Lee Soule
Margaret Anna Sloane
Mamie Chanea Stevens
Mabel Elizabeth Tupper
Florence Lucia Wells
Emma Lucinda White
Halbert Erwin Whitney

Class roster extracted from "M. H. Buckham to Preach : Graduating Exercises of Brigham Academy Will be Held Next Week," in the St. Albans Daily Messenger, St. Albans, VT 13 Jun 1900